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    By registering with the forum registration will be reviewed by adiministração to be approved, and if accepted we will send an activation email. We ask your understanding as we use this method to stop the misuse of the forum in order to end users who are registrão forum only for unauthorized purposes.
    It will not be allowed during registration, you register with a nickname like the moderation of the forum, and nick vulgar and offensive in character with malicious eulogy to drugs and / or sex. Just to avoid further confusion. Any problem that comes with having entries in our forum post in the "administration" we will be happy to assist you.


    By participating in the forum, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and the present rules below.


    Welcome to the Forum DESERT COMBAT BRAZIL. The forum serves as a community to exchange ideas and experience, where users can interact, read and advise on claiming these games that is part of our community.

    Our goal is to provide a comfortable and transparent exchanges of information. For this reason, the rules below are designed to avoid misunderstandings, problems, useless discussions and pollution.

    To Users.

    Dear User This is a placeholder for all who wish to participate, provided they respect and act to follow the rules. By posting on the forum, will be the responsibility of the user message content and it will be authorizing us to publish your post. so we Moderation are not responsible for the content of the messages posted, but we are right to edit messages or defect that has inappropriate content for the forum.

    Moderators and Administrators.

    Moderators and Administrators are responsible for the forum so they can take whatever action is necessary to curb fights and discussions that take place in the forum, even when they do not violate any specific rule. Moderators can edit, delete and move threads that do not stay in accordance with the rules without notice that the author of it.

    Behavior and message content.

    The user should refrain from posting useless messages like "I agree," I think so, "Thanks," shall be deemed deleted and the user flooders and punished, and others as offensive or racist content piracy, pornography, pedophilia links to other sites, advertisements for the sale or purchase of goods. Users who post several messages in this pattern may be banned from the forum.
    Personal discussions will be removed immediately and the users involved can be punished.
    Offenses of any kind are not allowed. If you have a problem with a user, please contact the moderation or settle the same by MSN or others. Not allowed profanity, because they can be understood incorrectly and generate discussions.

    Posts in CAPITAL letters will be edited without notice. Capital letters correspond to SHOUT and are therefore considered a lack of respect for other forum participants. Use common sense in choosing the format for messages (color, font, size). Messages that abuse the use of color or font size will be edited.
    Posts are not allowed to ask for cracks, serials, patches, keygens, full games and movies or music protected by copyright. Any post that mention these illegal content will be removed. Are not allowed posts that contain ed2k links, torrents, magnet http, ftp or any other means to give full or partial access to any protected content.

    User profile.

    The user can upload an avatar up to 20KB. If you prefer, you can also configure the URL of a remote avatar. In the case of a remote avatar, we ask that it not be very large (over 50KB). All avatars are resized to not disrupt the layout of the forum.
    Just as avatars, you must use common sense in the size of signatures. Figures in very large signatures will be removed. Limit is also in the number of signature lines.
    Neither should be used to equal avatars of team members, to avoid confusion.
    Pictures in signatures are permitted only if they are up and 15KB in size. The signature is the right place to advertise your site or company. However, it is not allowed to create threads to publicize products or services of any kind, even if free.

    Menscionados cases not in the rules.

    Any cases not mentioned that may occur and which cause inconvenience or annoyance or which may affect any of the forum members will be reviewed by administrators and moderators and necessary action will be taken.

    Note: The aforementioned rules may change according to what were to happen to exceptional cases not mentioned in the regulations described..

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